The missing conversation about ending violence

- a film by ellen snortland -

the issue

The issue of ending violence against women and girls is a complicated one. The purpose of BEAUTY BITES BEAST
is to give women and girls tools to defend themselves while an assault is taking place, rather than expecting
others to rescue them. The film examines why empowerment self-defense is not as “normal” an idea as, for example, swimming lessons. Empowerment self-defense advocates, both women and men, have been systematically excluded from private and public policy conversations. The foundational ideas of BEAUTY BITES BEAST are based on having empowerment self-defense advocates included at the “solve violence against women and girls” discussion tables around the world.

what they’re saying

Watching BEAUTY BITES BEAST forced me to look at the things I hadn't done in my life because of fear. That fear is gone now, I’m once again out in the world, and I am forever grateful to this film for what it sparked and awakened in me. I feel free, I’m lighter and filled with unexplainable joy: from the bottom of my heart, thank you.

– Audience Member
what they’re saying

I cannot put into words how emotional and moving BEAUTY BITES BEAST was for me, but I can say that I cried at least three times. To finally get that my life IS valuable, worth fighting for, and that it IS okay to set boundaries for myself makes me feel like I’m not alone. BEAUTY BITES BEAST really validated this for me in a powerful way, and it should be seen by women and men of all ages.

– Shanda Poitra.
what they’re saying

At various times in my life I have been sexually attacked, date raped, stalked, sexually abused by medical professionals, physically abused by a partner, and sexually harassed in the workplace countless times. I have lived my life believing that all these were part and parcel of being female… until I saw BEAUTY BITES BEAST! My eyes are now open.

– Shari D., Toronto
what they’re saying

I thought self-defense was victim blaming. I also believed that self-defense was violent, for tomboys, not what a nice girl should ever do. I had it so wrong! What BEAUTY BITES BEAST showed me, in a truly transformative way, was that self-defense is about my right and capacity to set and protect my own boundaries. You will laugh, you may tear up, but you will definitely walk away enlightened.

– Petra Hand, Global Issues Consultant
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