Here are leads for you when “shopping” for a self-defense course. We’ll be developing guidelines for you to follow at a later date.


Ellen Snortland, the director and writer of Beauty Bites Beast, got her original empowerment self-defense training from IMPACT Personal Safety of Los Angeles and that is her “mother ship.” That said, Ms. Snortland does not believe that IMPACT training is the only way to train. She can endorse it full-heartedly however! Impact Personal Safety will take you to live links for the other full force, full impact self-defense courses,

NWMAF Instructors

Our link to the NWMAF does not imply the endorsement of Beauty Bites Beast. The
certification process is rigorous and endorses the aims of this film: culturally sensitive, age and body appropriate, accessible, affordable and portable

Self-Defense and Empowerment Organizations

Some of the following groups have “suited instructors," and some don’t. The producers have direct relationships with everyone listed below.